Choosing Destination Wedding Apparel by Location

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How can I choose my destination wedding apparel?

Choosing Destination Wedding Apparel by Location

Choosing wisely when you decide what you're going to wear to your destination wedding can mean the difference between being comfortable at your ceremony or feeling awkward and uncomfortable. If you follow a few simple rules, you'll be sure to make the right choice. For instance: if you're getting married on the beach, don't wear heels or choose a wedding gown with a long train. Both of these can spell trouble when walking in the sand. Also, choose clothing that's of an appropriate weight for both the groom and the bride. Heavy fabrics and layers (such as in a tux with a vest and coat) can be very uncomfortable for weddings outside in the heat. Cruise weddings also call for some modifications to traditional wedding apparel; you'll want to forgo having a train (there are lots of steps on a cruise ship) and choose a dress that packs well. Choosing the right clothes will definitely make your wedding day progress much more smoothly.



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