What to Pack For Your Destination Wedding

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What should I pack for my destination wedding?

What to Pack For Your Destination Wedding

You're going to need your wedding apparel, but you'll need clothing and other incidentals for the time you're at your destination as well. Make sure you research the area you're traveling to for weather predictions, and pack for all contingencies. Even if you think the island you're going to has weather that's always above 70, make sure to pack a light jacket – you never know if you'll be there at the one time the temperature plummets! Make sure to pack additional hosiery, socks and shoes, especially extras for the wedding day. Heat, and flying on an airplane can make your feet swell, so don't count on your regular size shoes to fit. Also, don't forget your wedding rings! They're not exactly clothing, but they're something that you'll definitely need to wear!



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