Hawaiian Themed Destination Wedding

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How can I plan my Hawaiian themed destination wedding?

Hawaiian Themed Destination Wedding

Getting married at a Hawaiian destination can be incredibly romantic. You can make your Hawaiian wedding even more interesting, however, if you choose to incorporate a Hawaiian theme. Some Hawaiian customs that you can add to your wedding to make it more exotic are: translating the guests' names into Hawaiian (there are many different resources online for this), having a luau reception, and giving leis to all of the guests. Additionally, you can have the bridal party dress in traditional Hawaiian dresses, the men can wear Hawaiian shirts, and you could even have the flower girl dress in a hula skirt! Orchids are also a big part of the Hawaiian traditional wedding, and you can choose to have your guests throw orchid petals at the end of the ceremony, or even to get married in a large circle made of orchids and their petals. There are many different ways to add a bit of Hawaiian spice to your wedding ceremony, and your Hawaiian wedding coordinator will be sure to help you think of some ways that will fit well into your ceremony.



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