Building a Wedding Theme Around the Destination

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How can I come up with a wedding theme for my destination?

Building a Wedding Theme Around the Destination

One of your best bets when choosing a theme for your destination wedding is to look at the area you're going to be in. If you're getting married on a beach in the Bahamas, an island wedding theme would be a perfect choice. If you've chosen the snowy peaks of Aspen, you might want to have a ski-weekend type of wedding theme. Las Vegas offers the bride and groom a range of wedding theme choices; from the campy look of old Las Vegas to the Sci-Fi image of Star Trek, you can find weddings with all different themes here. Getting married on a cruise? A water themed wedding, complete with swimming-themed wedding favors and boat-shaped invitations can be a great choice. New York City can offer a choice of wedding themes as well; imagine your wedding cake, shaped like a skyscraper! Using the resources of your wedding destination is a great way to come up with a wedding theme.



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