Using a Resort's Destination Wedding Planner

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Should I use a resort's destination wedding planner?

Using a Resort's Destination Wedding Planner

If you've decided to have your wedding at one of the larger resorts or resort chains, often they will have a wedding planner at your disposal. Some examples of this are Sandals and Super Clubs. Both of these resort chains, which are located throughout the Caribbean, make it easy to get married while at the resort as a destination. There are wedding planners available to assist you with planning the ceremony, as well as the honeymoon afterwards. Sandals' wedding planners have even developed “signature weddings” that you can choose from, with different themes and costs for any taste. They even can assist you with your wedding gown! If you choose to use the resort's wedding planner, you'll be sure to have the assistance of someone who's very experienced with performing weddings at that particular destination, which is also a plus.



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