Making Travel Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

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How do I make travel arrangements for my destination wedding?

Making Travel Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

If you've picked that perfect destination wedding spot, you might be wondering how to get there. Traveling with a large group, such as a wedding party, can be difficult even if you're not going that far. Experts state that you should make all your travel arrangements nine months before the wedding, so you can be sure to get everyone there in one group. The best way to get travel arrangements for everyone, however, is to use either a destination wedding planner or a destination wedding travel agent/service. These services have experience with booking flights, rental cars, taxis, limos and other transportation that might be needed for you and your guests. Also, they can often negotiate either wholesale or group rates, making the travel expenses a bit cheaper for everyone involved. Travel agents usually have access to rates that individuals can't obtain, so it's a good idea to at least consult one of these destination wedding services before booking your trip.



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