Making Reception Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

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How do I make reception arrangements for my destination wedding?

Making Reception Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

When considering the reception for your destination wedding, think about this: Do you want to have your reception at the destination, or would you prefer a reception at home once you've returned? If you choose the latter, planning can be a bit easier. You can scout sites and choose a favorite local spot as your reception hall. If you'd rather have your reception in the same place as your destination wedding, remember to ask lots of questions! Find out if you can get married and have your reception right on the same spot, if you'd like, or if you can get married in one area and have a celebration in another. Some resorts, such as those in the Caribbean, offer beach weddings with a reception in a different location. Make sure you find out as much as you can about the reception hall/area before you choose one, and having someone who's able to take a look at the place for you can be a great help. A wedding planner can make this step easier, as he/she can also help you find caterers and other necessities for the reception.



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