Making Wedding/Honeymoon Arrangements

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How can I make wedding/honeymoon arrangements?

Making Wedding/Honeymoon Arrangements

One of the most popular reasons for having a destination wedding is that you can combine the wedding ceremony with your honeymoon. This is especially true of destinations in exotic locales, such as in the Caribbean, Europe or Hawaii. Choosing a wedding honeymoon combination can be made even easier if you choose to get married in the Caribbean, where many resort chains offer these combos. Sandals resorts even trademarked the term “weddingmoon” for their honeymoon and wedding ceremony combos, where the wedding comes free (limited amenities) with a seven night stay. Other resorts that offer similar treatment are Breezes and Grand Lido Resorts throughout the Caribbean and Secrets Resorts in the Dominican Republic. These combinations make it easy to plan your wedding and honeymoon all at one time, at one location.



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