Travel to Mexico – General Information

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What are some general tips about travel to Mexico?

Travel to Mexico – General Information

If you and your wedding party choose to have a destination wedding in Mexico, there are a few rules and regulations that will need to be followed regarding your trip there. You do not need a passport to enter Mexico from the United States, but it is recommended. At the very least, you will need photo ID and a certified copy of your US birth certificate. For stays in Mexico of over 72 hours, you'll also need to obtain a tourist visa, which is good for up to 90 days. To get a tourist visa, you'll need to present proof of citizenship (ie, a birth certificate) and photo ID. You'll surrender the tourist visa when you return to the US, and you will have to prove your identity upon return to the United States with a photo ID such as a driver's license. Be sure to also research any other pertinent laws in the area of Mexico you're traveling to, and leave all information about your wedding, where you're staying and other important information with someone who will be in the US, just in case.



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