Getting Married on the Big Island

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How do I get married on the Big Island?

Getting Married on the Big Island

The Big Island is also Hawaii's youngest island, created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. The size of the Big Island is twice that of all the other islands of Hawaii combined, but it remains unspoiled and not over-populated. The longest continuously erupting volcano in the world is also located here, Kilauea. Beach weddings are where it's at for this island, with beautiful settings found on Kukio, Hapuno, and Manini Beach (where Captain Cook first landed on Hawaii). There is also a waterfall setting available (Akaka Waterfall) for a different exotic feel. The Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island offers a few resort wedding packages for those who'd prefer that style of ceremony, complete with a wedding coordinator at your disposal. The Big Island makes a great alternative to getting married on one of the more popular islands.



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