Destination Wedding Accommodations Overview

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How do I book accommodations for my destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Accommodations Overview

When booking your destination wedding, there are more issues to think of than just the ceremony and reception. A big part of deciding where to hold your wedding may come down to choosing the accommodations for the wedding party. When deciding on a resort or other location to have your wedding, make sure you plan for a place to stay as well. Depending on the number of people that you invite to your destination wedding, you may need to reserve quite a few rooms, or even find more than one resort to hold everyone. You can choose to look for these accommodations yourself, or go through a wedding planner or travel agent with experience in booking destination weddings, but you'll need to provide the right information.
How many guests are attending?
Are there any children in the party?
Does any one have special needs (ie, a wheelchair or other medical condition)?

Be sure to ask about the amenities included in the rooms, and at the resort, so that you'll be able to inform guests of what they'll need to bring with. If you keep all these things in mind, getting your destination wedding accommodations will go much more smoothly.



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