Destination Wedding Accommodations – Booking it Yourself

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How do I book rooms for my destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Accommodations – Booking it Yourself

As with all aspects of a destination wedding, you have choices as to how you reserve your (and your guests') accommodations. You can go through a planner or other agent, or you can book the rooms yourself. Making the reservations yourself can work, but you'll need to do some preparation before you make that phone call. Make sure that you research the resort thoroughly, and request your rooms early; nine months in advance is a good time frame. A good tip if you're not going to use a planner is to find someone who is local to your destination to scout the resort or hotel for you, so you know exactly what you're getting into. Also, when booking a large quantity of rooms, be sure to ask the hotel for a group rate – and don't be afraid to negotiate. You may not get the lowest rate available (these are often reserved for travel agents), but you will definitely get somewhat of a price break.



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