Destination Wedding Accommodations – Europe

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What about wedding accommodations in Europe?

Destination Wedding Accommodations – Europe

When traveling to Europe for your destination wedding, there are many more things to consider when booking your accommodations. Rooms here are often smaller and more expensive than their US counterparts, especially around large cities such as Paris and London. Another issue can be finding a block of hotel or resort rooms at one location - hotels and other inns are usually not as large with many guest rooms as they are in other parts of the world. Therefore, you may have to book accommodations for your wedding guests at several different properties. There are also not as many all inclusive wedding options in Europe, so you will benefit greatly from hiring a wedding planner to help you with all of your arrangements. Booking your rooms through a wedding planner also has the effect of getting lower rates than what an individual may receive, so it's very advisable to retain a planners help.



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