Booking Accommodations Separate from the Wedding

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What about booking accommodations separate from the wedding?

Booking Accommodations Separate from the Wedding

Sometimes, it's better to book the rooms at a separate venue from your wedding destination. This can happen for many reasons – if you're holding your wedding at a location that isn't attached to a resort, you'll have to choose a hotel or resort close to the wedding spot for your stay. Another reason to book separate accommodations is if you are holding your wedding at a resort, but it's very expensive. Often, these resorts may charge so much for their accommodations that it's prohibitive for guests. You want to be able to have as many people as possible attend your wedding, so reserving rooms at an affordable hotel can be a great way to encourage people to come. A final reason may be that the resort your wedding is being held at doesn't have enough rooms for you to reserve for your guests. In this case, you'll also want to choose suitable accommodations elsewhere, but nearby. Remember that the cost of the room and travel to your wedding is the responsibility of the guest, so if you want many people to attend, you'll want to make their stay as frugal as possible.



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