Destination Weddings in Jamaica

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How can I plan my destination wedding in Jamaica?

Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Jamaica has been a popular vacation destination for many years, and it's a great choice for your destination wedding. Legally, weddings in Jamaica require notarized copies of your birth certificate, photo ID, any applicable divorce papers or death certificates, and any papers regarding prior name changes. You must also be in Jamaica for at least two business days before your ceremony for finalization of paperwork. A great all-inclusive choice for your Jamaica wedding is the Sandals chain of resorts. Located in Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, these resorts offer all-inclusive benefits for your honeymoon and your wedding guests, as well as a free wedding package (a fee is charged for the legal documents and other required legal processes).



10/19/2007 6:30:02 AM
Lola said:

My Jamaican fiance and I wish to get married when I am there on vacation. We do not want to get married at a resort, we want to get married by a minister of our choice. How can we do this? I arrive 1 Nov and leave 8 Nov. Thank you


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