Destination Weddings – Cruise to the Caribbean

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How can I plan my destination wedding on a Caribbean cruise?

Destination Weddings – Cruise to the Caribbean

A cruise to the Caribbean can be a great choice for people who want to get married at sea. A cruise wedding is an all-inclusive way for your entire wedding party to have a vacation and witness your nuptials. Whether you choose a three-night cruise or a seven-night extravaganza, there are a few things you should know. If you'd rather not take everyone on your cruise with you, you have the option of getting married at a Caribbean destination or port instead of on the boat. That way, guests can meet you there. Additionally, most cruise lines do not provide officiants for your ceremony. Only the Grand Princess offers a package that includes a marriage on board in their chapel by the captain. Other lines also have chapels, but require that you get married at port. Choosing to get married on a cruise to the Caribbean is definitely a unique way to get hitched.



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