Celebrity Planner Sasha Souza

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What is some celebrity wedding planner advice?

Celebrity Planner Sasha Souza

Uber-celebrity wedding planner Sasha Souza gives many reasons for having a destination wedding in a May 2006 In Style interview. She states that destination weddings are often more fun for the bride and groom, as well as the guests, because they're less stressful – you have not only the choice of your own wedding planner, but also the planners at the resort or other destination to help you with details.
All-inclusive weddings make this even easier, with some resorts offering free wedding ceremonies if you stay a minimum amount of days. Souza also seems to think that destination weddings are cheaper than traditional weddings - the average hometown wedding costs around $20,000 – and can help you to avoid major money troubles, which can cut down on a couple's enjoyment of the day.



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