Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss

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What is some celebrity wedding planner advice?

Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss is a celebrity wedding planner who held the reigns of weddings for such stars as Jessica Simpson (in Austin, Texas) and Trista Rehn (from the TV show “The Bachelor”). She advocates picking a specific detail to focus on, such as the wine or even the cocktail service, at a destination wedding. That way, one part of your wedding will have extreme attention to detail even if you can't fuss over every issue. Weiss said that the bride and groom should travel to their chosen destination before the wedding date, so that they can make sure that everything they want will be available. If this is not possible, arrange to have someone “scout ahead”, by either having a local friend or wedding planner check out your wedding site before the big day.



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