Destination Wedding - England

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How can I get married in England?

Destination Wedding - England

The romance of England is well-known. Whether you think of the rose gardens at the palaces or Westminster Abbey, or the castles that are scattered across the countryside, England is known for its sense of history and beauty. The best months to marry in England are from May to September, as this is when the climate is nicest there. In England, wedding settings are only limited by your imagination - you can choose to get married in the sight of Stonehenge, or on the cozy Isle of Wight. You could also get married in London or Leeds Castle, in Kent, is open to private weddings as well, for a truly authentic royal wedding experience. They offer the use of a wedding butler, as well as the choice of The Library, Dining Room, Gate House, and Terrace as their wedding settings. Other services include flowers designed by the castle's florist, and 37 guest rooms for couples who want to stay with their guests at the Castle.



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