Destination Wedding – England Legal Requirements

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What are the legal requirements for getting married in England?

Destination Wedding – England Legal Requirements

In order to get married in England, there is a residency requirement of seven days before you can apply for a certificate to get married. You must apply for a certificate at the Superintendent Registrar's office after giving the office notice (residency of seven days must be prior to giving notice) and waiting 21 days. So, there is a 28 day period total where the couple must reside in England before the actual ceremony date. Both parties must be 16 or older to get married (parental approval is needed for ages 16-18) and they must present their passports or birth certificates as proof of age. Weddings must be performed at a place that is approved for marriages as of the Marriage Act of 1994. Weddings for non-English citizens are usually civil in nature, as in order to be married in the Church of England you must reside in their parish.



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