Destination Wedding – France Legal Requirements

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What are the legal requirements for getting married in France?

Destination Wedding – France Legal Requirements

Perhaps the most difficult part of getting married in France is the legal requirement. You must reside in France for 30 days before declaring the “banns”, and then there is another waiting period of 10 days while the marriage banns are posted. All weddings in France must be performed civilly (a religious ceremony can be performed after), and they must take place in the “mairie” or City Hall. In addition, there are a few documents you must present in order to get married: your passport, birth certificate (certified), certificate of celibacy which must be signed before an American Consular Officer in France, an affidavit of Law stating you are legally able to wed (must be done by an attorney who can practice in both France and the US), a medical certificate, and proof of domicile (to show you've been in France long enough). If both members of the couple can meet these requirements, then you'll be able to have that dream wedding in France!



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