Destination Wedding – Italy Legal Requirements

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What are the legal requirements for getting married in Italy?

Destination Wedding – Italy Legal Requirements

There are relatively few requirements for getting married in Italy. There are just three documents required for your marriage here:
- The Atto Notorio, which requires that you meet in front of the Italian Consulate and declare your marital status.
- Your birth certificate and passport (translated into Italian).
- The Apostille, which can be done by mail, which is a seal by the Notary Public of the State that indicates the paperwork is valid in a foreign country.
- The Nulla Osta, which must be done in Italy three days before the wedding - this document is your final declaration that you are free to marry. Keep in mind that a woman must have been divorced more than 300 days before she can legally remarry in Italy, and that you will need copies of any divorce decrees or death certificates if applicable.



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