Destination Wedding – Spain

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How can I get married in Spain?

Destination Wedding – Spain

Deciding to get married in Spain gives you many different choices of venue and atmosphere. From the city of Madrid to the shores of Marbella, there are enough different settings to satisfy all sorts of wedding needs.
Barcelona is a great option for those who want the climate and style of a beach wedding, along with the beauty and culture of Europe. Having your wedding in Spain also gives you the opportunity to add Spanish culture into your wedding ceremony and reception - such as having tapas (small plates of food meant for sharing) as your reception meal or offering the bride's bouquet in a church to the Virgin Mary. Wedding consultants in Spain often speak English, and are able to help with the translation while planning your day. Whether you choose to have a traditional Spanish wedding or just mix some elements into your own ceremony, you'll have a destination wedding to remember.



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