Destination Weddings Florida

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How can I plan my Florida destination wedding?

Destination Weddings Florida

Florida can be a great choice for those seeking a beach wedding but don't want to leave the United States. Florida's two beach areas, on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, make for perfect beach settings that are easy to get to. The Florida Keys are a romantic and relatively secluded family vacation spot that's perfect for a US tropical wedding. Getting married in Key West among the mansions, gardens and beaches can be easily arranged by the numerous wedding planners in the area who are willing to come up with the perfect wedding package for you.
Wedding requirements in Florida are as follows: if you are a Florida resident, a three day waiting period applies (between obtaining your license and your ceremony), but for those couples who are from out of state, there is no waiting period. No blood tests are required, but you must be age 18 or older to get married in Florida.



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