Destination Weddings California

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How can I plan my destination wedding in California?

Destination Weddings California

California is a great wedding destination for many reasons. If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, the beautiful area around San Juan Capistrano (south of Los Angeles) can provide the perfect wedding atmosphere. The many beach clubs and resorts on the water in this vacation area set a tropical mood for your beach wedding, and the proximity to Mexico means that a south-of-the-border influence can easily be added to your wedding. With plenty of sun and warm temperatures, southern California is a great wedding destination. But, California is more than just beaches. If you'd like a different sort of wedding, San Francisco in the northern part of California offers an off-beat choice for wedding settings. The many hills (such as Telegraph Hill), trolleys and Fisherman's Wharf all provide great ceremony spots, and local wedding planners are happy to tailor a wedding package to your needs. Legally, getting married in California requires several items: you must have copies of your birth certificate (some counties) and picture ID, as well as the names of your birth father and mother (including maiden name) and places of birth. There is no waiting period in California, and no blood tests are required.



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