Destination Weddings Alaska

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How can I plan my destination wedding in Alaska?

Destination Weddings Alaska

Alaska offers the destination wedding seeker a unique experience for their wedding day. Unlike the usual tropical wedding locales, Alaska's beautiful glaciers and wildlife provide a different type of backdrop for a different type of wedding. Whether you'd like to get married aboard an Alaskan cruise, in an old mining town or in a remote glacier setting reachable only by helicopter, Alaska's wedding planners can help you to choose the perfect setting for your ceremony. The weather is best in Alaska between May and September, so wedding consultants recommend you plan for your wedding during these months. The temperature at this time of year ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes for a comfortable wedding indoors or out. Your entire wedding party will enjoy the excuse to see the beauty of Alaska, and you'll have a wedding story to tell your grandchildren! Alaska does have some legal requirements for getting married in the state, and they are as follows: you will need to apply for a marriage license either in person or by mail with a notarized form. Once the Bureau of Vital Statistics receives your application, a three day waiting period commences, and then your license will be issued and you can have your ceremony. No blood tests are required, and you must bring government issued photo ID to pick up your license.



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