Destination Weddings – US Territories

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How can I get married in one of the US Territories?

Destination Weddings – US Territories

If you'd like to get married in an exotic locale while staying within the umbrella of the United States, Guam can be an excellent choice. Guam is an Unincorporated Territory of the United States, meaning that traveling to this island, located in the Pacific Ocean just south of Japan, does not require passports. Getting married on Guam can be a different and beautiful experience, with locations ranging from weddings on a beach to elaborate ceremonies in hotels and resorts. Both the Hyatt and Marriott hotels on Guam offer full service wedding packages, and will customize ceremonies and receptions to suit your needs. You could also incorporate some of the Chamorro (native Guam residents) customs into your wedding reception, which can include using native materials in your decorations and having your parents and godparents sit at your table with you for your reception. Legally, getting married on Guam requires the following: both members of the couple must be present to apply for your marriage license, you must present your ID and birth certificate, and pay an $11 fee if you wish to waive the five day waiting period. You must also answer questions about your mother, father, race and education. No blood test is required.



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