Ideas for Exotic Caribbean Weddings

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What are some ideas for an exotic Caribbean wedding?

Ideas for Exotic Caribbean Weddings

Some wedding couples are looking for something a little different from the popular beach wedding in Jamaica or the Bahamas. Don't despair; the islands offer a number of spots for exotic Caribbean weddings as well. Below are just a few ideas:

1. Jamaica's Blue Mountains. High above Jamaica's beaches are the Blue Mountains, a rolling range of dense, tropical foliage, dotted with small coffee farms and bed and breakfast retreats. The views from the mountains are sweeping and dramatic and the air is cool and fresh.

2. Underwater in Curacao. Diving enthusiasts can combine their love of the water with their wedding vows at Curacao, a Dutch territory in the southern Caribbean. Surrounded by coral reefs, Curacao offers some of the best diving in North America and the weather is consistently warm and dry.

3. A Palace in Old San Juan. Old San Juan is one of the oldest European settlements in the New World. The narrow streets, live music, and picturesque storefronts take visitors back to the 16th century. A number of government buildings, including the Fortaleza, may be rented for weddings.

4. A historic sugar plantation in Barbados. Barbados was one of the world's top sugar cane producers in the 17th and 18th century. Many of the former British plantations still remain, some restored and some left in their original condition. Getting married in a sugar plantation is a great way to combine history and a unique setting.



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