Destination Wedding Dress Styles

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What are some destination wedding dress styles?

Destination Wedding Dress Styles

Destination wedding dresses are generally simpler and less formal than traditional wedding dresses. This is for several reasons. First, if you are getting married in a tropical climate, you don't want to wear a lot of clothes and undergarments ... the temperature is hot and you'll just look funny. Secondly, why compete with the natural beauty of the seaside wedding site? And, of course, there's the question of having to lug all of your wedding apparel with you on your wedding trip. You'll want to leave room in your suitcase for play clothes and souvenirs.

Just because destination wedding dresses are simple, it doesn't mean they can't be elegant. While there are no set rules for what to wear at your destination wedding, a few styles are common. Like traditional wedding dresses, destination wedding dresses are usually white or just off-white. Dresses may be long or short, depending on your taste. Common fabrics include silk, chiffon, and even cotton. Light-weight fabrics are best for warm climates.

Popular destination wedding dress designs include long, halter-style dresses, the classic strapless gown, and those with low, cut-out backs.

Look for destination wedding dresses at online retailers, many bridal shops, and from your destination wedding planner. Destination stocks a wide selection of destination wedding apparel.



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