Footwear for a Island Wedding Dress

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What should I wear on my feet with my island wedding dress?

Footwear for a Island Wedding Dress

Deciding what to wear on your feet with your island wedding dress can be slightly challenging. The traditional pumps with three-inch heels just won't work in the sand. Not only do they look out of place, but heels can be downright dangerous in the sand. Below are some ideas for beautiful yet sensible footwear to accompany your island wedding dress:

Sandals. Simple, flat, one-strap sandals add an elegant touch without competing with your dress. If you are wearing an empire-waist, Roman-style gown, consider sandals that lace up and tie around your calf.

Flip-flops. No, I don't mean the shoes you wear to the pool. Most companies that sell island wedding dresses also offer a line of flip-flops that are dyed to match your dress and embellished with shells, jewels, or hand-painted flowers.

Barefoot sandals. Going barefoot is perhaps the most sensible option for a beach wedding. If, however, you don't what to go without some adornment on your feet, consider barefoot sandals. These cover the tops of your feet with pearls, rhinestones, flowers, or other adornments, while leaving the bottoms of your feet bare. If you decide on this option, make sure to book an appointment for a pedicure the day before the wedding.

Go barefoot. Allow the sand to sift through your toes as you say your vows. There are no rules of dress at a beach wedding.



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