Advantages to Buying your Destination Wedding Dress from your Wedding Planner

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Why should I buy my wedding dress from my destination wedding planner?

Advantages to Buying your Destination Wedding Dress from your Wedding Planner

There are many good reasons to work with a destination wedding planning company. They handle most of the travel details and hotel contracts associated with booking a destination wedding and often save couples hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Such firms also are able to find special rates and resorts that a single wedding couple wouldn't necessary be able to find.

In addition to offering wedding planning services, many destination wedding companies, such as Destination, have started to expand into the destination wedding apparel business. Below are just a few advantages of looking to your wedding company for your destination wedding dress:

1. Trust. You've already checked out the destination wedding company prior to planning your wedding trip with them. You know and trust them.

2. Savings. Some destination wedding planners offer a discount for brides buying their wedding dress in conjunction with destination wedding travel plans. Generally, the more hotel rooms you book for you and your guests, the larger the discount.

3. One-stop shopping. Why go searching all over the Internet and all over town when one company can handle all of the details of your wedding -- including the dress?



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