Accessories to Accompany a Destination Beach Wedding Dress

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What accessories should I match with my beach wedding dress?

Accessories to Accompany a Destination Beach Wedding Dress

Deciding what to wear with your destination beach wedding dress is almost as important as deciding on the dress itself. Basically, you don't want to add too many accessories to your outfit for a beach wedding. The beauty of a seaside wedding is its simplicity. However, one or two carefully-chosen elements can enhance your wedding look. Consider the following:

Jewelry. A pair of pearl earrings or a single gold chain are perfect additions to a beach wedding dress. Or, add a rhinestone broach to your ensemble. If you have a special heirloom, a family piece of jewelry, consider coordinating your wedding outfit around it.

Fans. Fans are a fun accessory for a beach wedding. Used instead of flowers, an elegant white paper or straw fan can give your wedding look a distinctive island feel.

Parasols. Parasols, also, are an ideal beach wedding accessory. Not only do they keep the harsh, Caribbean sun off of your shoulders, they give the bride a fanciful, feminine look.

Hair ornaments. A flower, a jeweled comb, or a tiara: all of these add romance and a softness to your wedding ensemble. Choose wisely, however; too many items will overpower your gown.



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