Planning a Pacific Coast Mexico Wedding

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Where can I get married on the Pacific Coast of Mexico?

Planning a Pacific Coast Mexico Wedding

Although the Caribbean coast of Mexico is lovely, some of the country's best -- and most picturesque -- resorts are located on the Pacific Coast. These seaside towns range from quiet fishing villages to cosmopolitan cities. Below are a few of Mexico's top Pacific resorts:

Acapulco. Located in the middle of Mexico's Pacific coast is an ideal spot for a Mexico Wedding. Acapulco was a thriving resort before newer resorts, like Cancun, were even considered. The city is known for its crescent beach, its daring cliff divers, and its romantic open-air restaurants with a view of the harbor.

Puerto Vallarta. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love with this quiet fishing town in the 1960s while filming "The Night of the Iguana" there ... and the world followed them. Today, Puerto Vallarta retains something of its original ambiance, but has added luxury resorts along its wide stretches of beach.

Mazatlan. A bustling city as well as a beach resort, Mazatlan combines beach pursuits with the dining, shopping, and sightseeing options that only a big city can offer.

Cabo San Lucas. Located at the tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas was only known to fishermen and wealthy yacht-owners until the region was opened up to tourism in the 1970s by the construction of a large airport and the Trans-Baja Highway. Today, the resort is still a fishing capital, but also boasts a vibrant nightlife, excellent golf courses, and a warm, arid climate.



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