Mexican Wedding Traditions

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What are some Mexican wedding traditions?

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican wedding traditions combine the cultures of the Mayan and Aztec people with later Spanish influences. Adding a few Mexican traditions to your wedding is ideal for couples of Mexican-American ancestry or those wanting to include a little local flavor into their nuptials. Below are just a few ideas:

Wedding Attire. In Mexico, it is customary for the bride to wear a "mantilla," a lace veil. Brides also may wear an heirloom Mexican wedding dress of a cotton shift with colorful embroidery. In lieu of flowers, you also see brides carry a fan. Mexican grooms often forgo the tuxedo for a matador's outfit -- a bolero jacket with light-fitting, black pants.

Food. Traditional Mexican wedding foods include spicy beans and rice, chicken and beef tortilla dishes, and plenty of sangria (red wine with fruit) to drink.

Music. Mariachi music often replaces organ music at weddings in Mexico.

Thirteen Coins. In Mexico, it is customary for the groom to present his bride with 13 gold coins as a symbol of trust and commitment. This is a Spanish tradition and signifies that the groom is giving all of his property for her to guard and keep.



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