Advantages to Destination Weddings in Mexico

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What are some of the advantages to a Mexican destination wedding?

Advantages to Destination Weddings in Mexico

Getting married in Mexico is a good choice for American couples looking for something a little exotic yet affordable and relatively close to home. Whether you choose a quiet, seaside resort, such as Cabo San Lucas; a big city, such as Mexico City; or a bustling resort like Cancun, Mexico offers a welcoming, festive environment that won't break your budget. Below are just a few advantages to a destination wedding in Mexico.

Variety. Mexico's vast countryside and two coasts offer a plethora of destination choices. Whether you're looking for historic charm, vibrant city life, quiet seaside villages, or the latest resort, Mexico has the place for you.

Affordability. Mexico remains a bargain when compared to major Caribbean resorts and European cities. Your dollar stretches much farther in Mexico than most other destination wedding choices.

Accessibility. Most cities in Mexico are just one or two flights away from most cities in the United States and Canada. There are dozens of daily non-stops to Mexico from hubs in Miami, Dallas, and Houston.



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