What Is Destination Wedding Attire?

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What is destination wedding attire?

What Is Destination Wedding Attire?

Destination wedding attire is generally much less formal and fussy than what you'd wear for a traditional church wedding. The setting, be it on a beach or in a scenic garden, is lovely enough that you won't want to detract from it by wearing heavy fabrics and lots of jewelry. In addition, since you are traveling to your wedding destination, you won't want to have to lug elaborate outfits to the event.

Destination wedding dresses are usually made of simple construction with basic lines, not the lace, satin, and pearl creations of the top wedding designers. That's not to say destination wedding dresses don't make a beautiful bride, but an elaborate wedding dress just looks out of place on a beach.

Grooms can wear anything from a tuxedo to a white cotton shirt and black pants for a destination wedding.

As traditional footwear -- especially those three-inch heels -- doesn't work particularly well on sand, sandals and even embellished flip-flops are perfectly acceptable at a beach wedding.

Destination wedding attire should be comfortable, light-colored, and adorned with a minimum of frills and embellishments.

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