Beach Wedding Attire: Footwear

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What kind of footwear can I wear to my beach wedding?

Beach Wedding Attire: Footwear

Traditional satin three-inch pumps just don't work on sand. In fact, they can be downright dangerous. Don't despair; you can still look elegant without those heels. Here are a few ideas:

1. Go barefoot. There's nothing wrong with going barefoot for your beach wedding ... and it's kind of fun to feel the sand in your toes. However, if you decide on this option, be sure to make an appointment at the salon for a pedicure the day before the wedding.

2. Embellished flip-flops. The popularity of beach weddings has spawned a whole line of beach wedding footwear. The most common of these shoes are colored flip-flops with jewels or flower designs. They come in dozens of colors to make any wedding color palette.

3. Sandals. Simply flat, strapped sandals -- in white or a number of other pale colors -- add an elegant, yet functional finish to your wedding outfit.

Look for beach wedding footwear online or from your destination wedding specialist. Many companies that specialize in travel arrangements for destination weddings also carry beach wedding accessories. Let may even offer you a discount.



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