Where to Buy Destination Wedding Attire

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Where can I buy destination wedding attire?

Where to Buy Destination Wedding Attire

Unlike traditional wedding gowns, destination wedding attire can be found in a large number of places. And the good news is that destination wedding attire is substantially less expensive than those satin and lace designer gowns. Below are just a few places to look for destination wedding attire:

1. Resort wear department in traditional stores. Many stores, such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, have special resort wear departments at least for part of the year. Here you'll find flowing, cotton or silk, lightweight dresses as well as sarongs, colorful accessories, and dressy sandals -- all perfect for a beach wedding. You can also shop here for swim wear and other items you may need for your destination wedding trip.

2. Onsite resort boutiques. If you are traveling to a large resort for your wedding, the property may have one or more clothing shops located within the hotel. Your group coordinator at the hotel or your destination wedding planner can put you in touch with a salesperson. They are likely to have, or be able to order, items for your wedding wardrobe.

3. Destination wedding companies. If you are working with a destination wedding planning company (and you should; it will save you money and time), make sure to ask them if they carry any destination wedding apparel. Many such companies have diversified into wedding attire and some will even offer you a discount based on the number of hotel rooms you are booking for your trip.



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