Destination Wedding Attire for Her

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What should the bride wear for a beach wedding?

Destination Wedding Attire for Her

The Bride's outfit for a destination wedding doesn't have to be as formal or as expensive as a traditional wedding gown. Still, you'll want to look your best. What you wear depends, largely, on where you'll be getting married. Below are some ideas:

Beach Wedding. If you will be saying "I Do" on a beach, don't compete with the scenery by wearing all kinds of ruffles and frills. You can also lose the pantyhose and even your shoes, if you'll be standing on sand, to say your vows. Those of us who live in cold-weather climates tend to forget in January and February how humid and sultry tropical weather can be.

Good choices for a beach wedding include a flowing white or off-white dress. Cotton, gauze, and silk are good fabric choices. For a Polynesian (Hawaiian or Tahitian) wedding, consider wearing a sarong or pareo in a tropical print. Brides getting married in Mexico may want to consider wearing a traditional Mexican wedding dress, one made of embroidered, rough-hewn cotton.

European Wedding. Getting married in Europe evokes the romantic in all of us. Those with roots in the country where they are marrying might want to add a reminder of that heritage, such as a tartan scarf for a Scottish Highlands wedding. Brides getting married in Paris or Milan may want to take advantage of the excellent fashion available in these cities.



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