Destination Wedding Clothes: After the Wedding

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What other clothes do I need for a destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Clothes: After the Wedding

A lot of time and effort goes into planning what you'll wear for your wedding ceremony, but those aren't the only clothes you'll need for your wedding trip. You'll need clothes for the rehearsal dinner, for your honeymoon, and for after the wedding.

Depending on the type of party or reception they are having after the wedding, most couples will want to change clothes after their destination wedding. For instance, if you've planned a barbecue on the beach to celebrate your nuptials, you won't want to wear your white outfits. Plus, unlike most traditional wedding gowns, a destination wedding dress can be worn after the wedding, as a party dress or for other casual, yet elegant occasions. There's not sense ruining it.

After the wedding, let your clothes follow the type of the destination where you're having the wedding. In the Caribbean, opt for light colors and light-weight fabrics. In Hawaii, add a little Polynesian flair by wearing vibrant island prints.

If you're getting married in Europe, your after-wedding attire depends on the location. A stylish dress or slacks and a silk shirt are suitable for a daytime event in a major city. You may want something more formal for evening affairs. For European resorts, light-colored, light-weight clothes are de rigeur.



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