Tropical Wedding Attire for an Hawaiian Wedding

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What should I wear for a tropical wedding?

Tropical Wedding Attire for an Hawaiian Wedding

Getting married in Hawaii gives a bride and groom the opportunity to incorporate the culture of the islands into their wedding attire. Hawaiian print shirts, dresses, and sarongs add that colorful and festive note to any tropical wedding ceremony. These are ideal for the wedding party. For the wedding couple, consider an all-white motif. A white, cotton, flowing gown for the bride and white pants, topped with a casual white Hawaiian wedding shirt for the groom.

Flowers are an essential part of any Hawaiian wedding attire. Flower leis -- strings of orchid, gardenia, and hibiscus blossoms -- are the perfect adornment for both the bride and groom. The bride may also wish to wear a cornet of flowers on her head. Leis are a traditional Hawaiian symbol of love and friendship.

Footwear for a tropical wedding depends on where you'll be getting married. High heels have no place in tropical wedding attire. Opt instead for basic, strapped sandals; flip-flops embellished with hand-painted flowers or gemstones; or simply go barefoot.

Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum. A pair of earrings -- gold or pearl -- should be sufficient.



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