Accessories for a Beach Wedding

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What accessories should I wear at a beach wedding?

Accessories for a Beach Wedding

"Go simple" is the best advice for planning what to wear for your beach wedding. However, that doesn't mean that you have to forgo accessories entirely. Below are just a few items to enhance your beach wedding ensemble:

Flowers. If you are getting married in a tropical location, take advantage of the abundant flowers one finds around every corner in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. A simple gardenia placed behind your ear is an elegant addition, as is a white or brightly-colored hibiscus blossom.

Jewelry. Again simple is good advice. Basic pearl, drop earrings or a single gold chain or strand of pearls are classic choices. Don't choose jewelry that is too colorful, clunky, or gaudy.

Purse. In most cases, you won't even need a purse or a bag. Isn't that what your maid of honor is for? If you do feel you need somewhere to stash your cell phone or credit cards, choose a simple clutch bag or a small mini tote bag that matches your dress.

Something borrowed. Does your family -- or your groom's family -- have a piece of heirloom jewelry that's been in the family for years? Not only will it bring you luck, but the right heirloom piece, used alone, is a unique and singular addition to any look.



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