A Caribbean Destination Wedding Reception

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What kind of reception can I have with a Caribbean destination wedding?

A Caribbean Destination Wedding Reception

The choice to have a wedding reception in conjunction with your destination wedding and what type of reception to have is entirely up to the wedding couple. Receptions can vary from intimate, beachside cocktail parties following the ceremony to lavish, multi-course meals with Champagne, live entertainment, and dancing. Other ideas for a destination wedding reception include a beach barbecue, a quiet beachfront dinner for two, or a traditional Caribbean feast with curried goat, jerk chicken, and lots of rum to drink. The typical Caribbean wedding cake is also made with rum, usually dark rum, and molasses instead of white sugar.

Who pays for the reception again follows no set rules. It may be the wedding couple, the bride's parents, the groom's parents, or a combination of all of these parties.

Many Caribbean resorts that cater to destination wedding couples have wedding planners on staff that can help you coordinate all of the details for your reception--food and beverage, photography, music, and decorations. In addition, companies like Destinations Weddings.com can help you plan your wedding travel plans, your guests' arrangements, and your reception--all at no additional cost.



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