Caribbean Wedding Traditions

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What are some Caribbean traditions that I can add to my wedding?

Caribbean Wedding Traditions

If you're planning a Caribbean beach wedding, consider adding one or more Caribbean wedding traditions to give your ceremony a special, authentic feel and to tie your nuptials together with your destination. Caribbean wedding customs borrow from African and European cultures, with a few twists of their own. Below are a few Caribbean wedding traditions that you might want to add:

Attire: Caribbean brides wear their finest outfit and a veil over their face. During the ceremony, the groom lifts the veil.

Food: A traditional Caribbean wedding feast includes curried goat, conch fritters, fried plantains, and jerk chicken. A Caribbean wedding cake uses rum rather than white sugar. While all of these dishes may not be to your taste, adding one of two will give your festivities an island flair. The drink of choice is, of course, rum.

In Bermuda, the wedding cake is topped with a small sapling, which is taken home by the couple and planted. The theory is the tree will grow as the marriage grows.

Music. Add a steel drum band for authentic Caribbean music.

Gifts. Guests at a Caribbean wedding give homemade gifts, such as furniture or quilts, which signify togetherness.



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