Destination Wedding Guests

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What happens with destination wedding guests?

Destination Wedding Guests

One frequent question couples considering a destination wedding have is "what about guests?" Wedding couples have to consider who will likely attend their island wedding, how these guests will get there, and what activities will be planned for the guests while they are at the destination.

Typically, guests at a destination wedding pay their own expenses. That isn't to say however that they won't be appreciative if the wedding couple is able to find them a good rate for airfare, hotel rooms, and/or all-inclusive resort prices.

Because of the time and expense involved, generally many fewer guests attend a destination wedding than a traditional, hometown, church wedding. If you are planning on paying a portion of your guests' travel expenses, it's wise to send out "Hold this Date" announcement and ask for an RSVP so that you can budget your wedding costs.

Using a destination wedding specialist is a good idea, especially if you are coordinating guests flying in from a variety of cities. These travel planners can orchestrate the flights and other arrangements, usually without any additional cost to you. They are also experienced with group airfares and hotel contracts and can get the best rates for you and your friends. As with most travel plans, making your travel plans well is advance is recommended. Contrary to popular belief, the best rates almost always go to those who book early.



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