Destination Wedding Etiquette for Guests

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What is destination wedding etiquette for guests?

Destination Wedding Etiquette for Guests

Guests at a destination wedding, like any wedding, are there to help the wedding couple celebrate their big day. The fact that the wedding is also a trip doesn't change this fact.

Generally, guests to a destination wedding pay for their own travel expenses -- airfare, hotel, meals, and transportation. Although the wedding couple may offer to pay for additional items, a guest shouldn't expect more than the wedding and reception to be paid for.

Guests to a destination wedding, like any wedding, are expected to bring a gift. That can be tricky if you are traveling overseas. Because of this, it's perfectly acceptable to send large or valuable gifts to the couple's home or to the bride's parents' home in advance of the wedding. Gifts of cash or gift certificates are usually given to the couple at the wedding.

Guests primary obligation at a destination wedding is to help the wedding couple enjoy their wedding trip as much as they can. This means not bombarding them with questions or monopolizing their time. It also means to be sensitive that the trip is also their honeymoon and to give them plenty of "alone time."



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