Wedding Reception Seating

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What should I consider when making a wedding reception seating plan?

Wedding Reception Seating

A destination wedding is, in most cases, much more casual than a traditional, hometown wedding. However, if you are having a reception for more than just a few guests, you'll need to consider a wedding reception seating plan. There are several general rules of etiquette and practicality to consider when deciding where your guests will sit at your reception. Here are just a few:

1. Seat your guests with people with whom they will feel comfortable. For example, seat similar age groups, co-workers, those from the same city together.

2. Couples should be seated together and children should always be seated next to at least one parent.

3. At a formal reception, male and female guests are alternated around the table.

4. The bridal party usually sits at a long table in the front of the room, with the bridal couple in the middle. The bride and groom should not have their backs to any guest.

5. Seat the couple's closest friends and family members nearest to the wedding party's table.

Printed place cards should identify each seat. For larger weddings (100 guests or more), consider posting an alphabetical table plan near the entrance to the party room.



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