Guests' Duties at a Destinaton Wedding

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What are a guest's duties at a destination wedding?

Guests' Duties at a Destinaton Wedding

Guests at a destination wedding have few duties other than to enjoy themselves and help the wedding couple have the best wedding trip possible. Guests are generally expected to pay for all of their travel expenses and expenses (food, sightseeing, drinks, etc.) while on the wedding trip. Guests shouldn't expect the wedding couple to pay for anything except the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Even though they are paying for their travel expenses in order to be a part of the destination wedding, guests are still expected to bring or give a gift to the wedding couple. Because large gifts are difficult to travel with, it's perfectly acceptable for guests to send large or expensive gifts to the couple's home or to the bride's parents' home prior to the wedding trip. Gifts of cash and gift certificates are usually given at the wedding.

Guests should also remember that this is the wedding couple's honeymoon as well as their wedding trip. Guests shouldn't expect to be entertained continually by the wedding couple and should be considerate about giving the couple "alone time."



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