Parents' Duties at a Destination Wedding

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What are the parents duties at a destination wedding?

Parents' Duties at a Destination Wedding

Gone are the days when the bride's parents were expected to cover all of the wedding expenses. Couples today are generally older and have incomes and savings of their own and may not what to burden their parents with the cost of the wedding. However, many parents -- both the bride's and the groom's -- still want to be able to pay part or all of the wedding costs. This is wonderful, but not expected.

If either or both sets of parents are paying the costs associated with the destination wedding, they are not obligated to pay for guests' traveling expenses. Those are the responsibility of the individual guests. If there are mandatory group events, such as a rehearsal dinner, whoever is paying for the wedding should also pay for the dinner. In a traditional, formal wedding where the bride's family pays for the wedding, the groom's family pays for the rehearsal dinner.

The other major responsibility of the bride and groom's parents is to make sure that the destination wedding trip is as stress-free as possible and that the couple has ample time to enjoy one another's company. This may mean chaperoning Aunt Betty into town or fielding dozens of questions from guests about the destination and what to do there.



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