Wedding Reception Etiquette at a Destination Wedding

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What is proper etiquette at a destination wedding reception?

Wedding Reception Etiquette at a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding reception is generally more casual than one associated with a hometown wedding. However, that doesn't mean that you can ignore the rules of good party etiquette.

For the wedding couple: Let your guests know what to expect; send out information about the dress code, food, and length of the reception before the trip. At the party, greet your guests and make sure that your guests are having a good time. Seat guests with others of similar age and interests. Don't allow the party to fall into a lull. Get out and dance or have the band play a lively tune to perk things up.

For wedding guests: Be an agreeable guest. If you don't like the meal, remember you can order room service after the event. Don't drink too much or be too loud or too demanding. Try to make conversation with your fellow guests at your table, so the wedding couple won't have to worry about them -- or you. Bring a gift. If your gift is large, it's fine to send it to the couple ahead of the wedding.

Most of all, a wedding reception--be it a destination wedding reception or one at home -- is for the couple and their friends and family to celebrate their nuptials.



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